Single-Use Plastic Free

ATTENTION, you are now entering a single-use plastic free zone! That's right, we have taken the next step in our journey to being a carbon neutral professional cycling team, and moving forward we will be a single-use plastic free zone. What does that look like? No more plastic bottles to fill our race bottles, no more plastic sparkling water bottles, riders will be equipped with reusable mugs, reusable grocery bags, reusable bulk good bags, and there will be no ziploc bags or plastic wraps. Gel wrappers will be carefully collected and recycled using the Terracycle Performance Nutrition recycling program, and when possible, we will use reusable containers that have been created from upcycled materials.

As we learn and grow to make this process second nature, it is inevitable that there will be situations where riders and staff find themselves using a single-use plastic item. The feedback will be sent back to the team, and we will work to find a single-use plastic free solution for future moments. Every little bit makes a difference, and this is another important step in our journey to minimize our environmental impact as a professional cycling team.


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