InstaFund Racing finalizes 2021 roster. Alain Gallopin joins team.

VANCOUVER—The European cycling scene will see a Canadian registered team among the other women’s UCI contenders in 2021. The squad will be getting an early start, taking their place among the women’s peloton as early as February.

The first step involved senior staffing changes with appointment of European Manager Alain Gallopin set to lead the team through an early European start.

Gallopin brings a long storied career in every aspect of cycling to InstaFund. For those who have been around professional bike racing Gallopin’s resume speaks to years of dedication to the sport and he is excited to lend his experience to the InstaFund squad in their breakout year.

"A strong team is built by finding the best people, and for InstaFund; Gallopin is a game changer. Europe is the biggest stage in road cycling. The best riders compete in Europe and for the InstaFund riders to get on the podium they first need to race against the best on their home roads. I am really excited to be working with Alain, what he brings to this team will be career forming for our riders and that’s ultimately the goal of this team,” says Hamilton.

Title sponsor InstaFund has committed to long-term backing of the team. InstaFund president and team owner Adam Korbin says the new management is an expression of team’s desire to compete at the highest level. And, in addition to the new management, the roster for 2021 is huge step toward the team’s goal.

New riders this year are Caroline Bauer (SWI), Rotem Gafinovitz (ISR) and Harriet Owen (UK) who will join returning riders: Ngaire Barraclough (CAN) Isabella Bertold (CAN) Gillian Ellsay (CAN) Elizabeth Gin (CAN) Rachel Langdon (UK) and Gabby Traxler (CAN)

Korbin thanked the returning riders for their perseverance through the tough months of not racing in 2020 and is very happy to be moving the team forward with the addition of the new riders and staff. “Each of these riders bring something special to this team”, says Korbin. “We have proven race winners, World Tour experience, youthful exuberance, sheer talent and most of all a desire to win.”

Korbin says InstaFund’s support of cycling is born out of a long held corporate philosophy of team work and community. “I am inspired by this group of riders and staff. It’s one thing for the InstaFund riders to work as hard as they can, and they do, but it will be a huge push forward with the experience that Tad and Allain will provide. Together this team will make a huge splash in Europe!”

InstaFund Women’s Bike Racing will open the 2012 season with a February team camp in Spain.

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