Indoor Base Miles

Written By: Gabby Traxler, Pro Cyclist with UCI Women’s Team InstaFund Racing

Winter has come early this year in Calgary which means it is trainer time! This is my first year using a smart trainer and Zwift (I know I am late to the party). In the past, I have opted for the rollers or to escape somewhere warm. With this year being different, I am going to spend a bit more time on the trainer to get ready for the racing season. Thankfully I have my Saris H3 Direct Drive Smart Trainer.

I have completed a variety of rides so far from intervals, Zwift races, and longer aerobic rides and I have to say, since using the Saris trainer, my indoor rides have become more efficient and enjoyable.

My ride food musts: Banana, dates, and baked banana bars from Hannah Grant.

Most people use their trainer for quick hard workouts or racing. I do too, but from time to time, I will do longer aerobic rides on the trainer. My favourite ride I have discovered on Zwift is the Mega Pretzel in Watopia. This route features long climbs and with the Saris H3 Direct Drive Smart Trainer you feel like you are outside riding the route! I feel every gradient of every climb from 5 to 13% making the ride challenging and enjoyable! Spending a few hours on the trainer can seem grim, however since using the Saris trainer, my perspective on indoor training has completely changed. I find myself enjoying the training and I always know that I will have a productive training session that meets my training goals. A few key things I do to make sure I have a successful training session, especially on longer indoor rides, is lots of water, a fan, and food!! Making sure you fuel your performance and keep hydrated is crucial in order to have a successful day on the bike!

Happy riding, and hope to see you all on Zwift!

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