At Home with Gillian Ellsay

What type of trainer do you use?  I use a Kinetic trainer or rollers. 

How do you keep the room cool? My trainer setupis either outdoors on the deck or inside, depending on the weather outside. When I’m inside i'll usually use one big fan and usually have a window open. But when I am outside it’s dependent on outdoor temperature. I always have a towel for face sweat too. 

Do you use a virtual training software solution? I don’t use any virtual training software but wouldn’t be opposed to trying it. I mostly only use trainer workouts to do very specific, quick interval sessions. I live on the west coast of Canada so training outside year-round is very possible. But sometimes you just want a little break from 4 degrees and rain! I also find trainer workouts to be useful during the school year. I can get a lot high quality work done when I am pressed for time. But I would almost always prefer to ride outside! 

Do you eat during indoor rides? If yes, what do you use most often to fuel trainer rides? I don’t eat during trainer rides. For me they aren’t long enough, nor would I be able to keep the food down. 

One tip to help make the time go by faster: Music! And Netflix! Right now, I am really into the Netflix docuseries “Hillary” which is about Hillary Clinton and her life inside and outside of US politics. My music taste varies a lot with what kind of workout I am doing and what mood I am in. But some of my favorite songs right now are: “King’s Rant” by Masego, “Come Down” by Anderson .Paak, “Small Talk” by Niall Horan, “Down Below” by Roddy Rich, and “False God” by Taylor Swift. 

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