Healthy at Home. Physically and Mentally.

There are so many uncertainties at this time, with circumstances only getting scarier. If I think too much about it, I will admit, I get lost in anxiety and despair. It has already hit very close to home for me, so for now holding on hope, staying physically and mentally healthy are the controllable things I have been focused on. I would love to say my at home workout space is a complete Zen garden, decked out, dedicated workout space with a picturesque view from the window. In reality, it is my basement/bike room/rogue household item storage area. I am luckily enough to have a plethora of workout gadgets and gizmos but the beauty of working out from home is it doesn’t have to be anything extravagant for workouts to be effective. Having a daily schedule does keep me accountable otherwise I would probably wander around aimlessly for an hour or two. 

I am an early bird, but my morning always starts with a cortado through half open eyes before I can even begin to think about being productive. Then onto a 20-30 minute yoga routine. This is something I have incorporated into my daily schedule during the stay-at-home restrictions. In no way, shape or form am I any kind of Yoga Guru (I still use the help of Yoga with Adriene on Youtube!) but beginning the day with some breathing and Yoga has really helped to reduce anxiety and start the day strong. Best thing about doing yoga at home? You can wear your somewhat “tired” spandex without being paranoid they are see through! 

Before riding I do activation using resistance bands, focusing mainly around the hips. Once engaged I feel so much stronger and smoother mechanically when on the bike. I don’t own any kind of smart trainer, I am sure for this moment in time it would be wonderful but all my indoor rides are done on rollers and made effective with a headwind unit that adds some serious resistance when desired. The rollers keep me engaged and concentrated; they also force stabilizer muscles to stay active. It took some practice and a couple of VERY close calls but I would encourage every cyclist to learn how to ride them. They help with all aspects of riding and racing including; bike handling, cadence and pedaling technique. An easy way to learn is to set them up in a doorway or a hallway that way if you lose your balance you have something to hold onto.

Here are a couple of my go to roller workouts: 

Warm up: 

15 minutes in Zone 1 

10 minute ramp up moving from zones 1 to 3 every 2 minutes. 

Workout #1

2 minute hard tempo with 15 second sprint for 12 minutes 

6 minute recovery 

REPEAT 3 Times

Cool Down 

20 minutes spin 

Warm up: 

15 minutes in Zone 1 

10 minute ramp up moving from zones 1 to 3 every 2 minutes. 

Workout #2

10 seconds hard – Zone 4-5 / 50 seconds active – Zone 3 (repeat 25 times) 

10 minute recovery 


Cool Down 

20 minutes spin 

As for my strength regime, the equipment I most commonly use are TRX, dumbbells, a slide board and a stability ball. During this time I am incorporating strength three times a week into my program. The extra time at home has been a great opportunity to get stronger but continue to work on any imbalances and weakness. 

I mix and match these exercises but usually: 

Warm up:

5-10 minute on slide board 

15 Lunges with light dumbbells 

15 Squats with light dumbbells 

5 (each side) Single leg dead lifts with dumbbells 

TRX Workout 

Push up 


Overhead Squat

Sprinter Starts

Single Leg Squats

Hamstring Curl

Suspended Pike 

Side Plank

Lower Back Stretch 

Hip Flexor Stretch

Again, my main focus right now is to stay healthy physically and mentally, to not over complicate things but use my workouts as a positive outlet and continue to put in the necessary work so when the time comes to perform, I will be ready. 

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