New DS Tad Hamilton takes the helm as InstaFund sets course for Europe.

VANCOUVER -- InstaFund Pro Cycling will kick off their exciting 2021 calendar in Europe with Tad Hamilton leading the squad of female riders to top races throughout the continent.

After spending the abbreviated 2020 season with the American men’s CS Velo squad, Hamilton now will leverage his international experience as former Sport Director of UCI Women’s Team Hagens-Berman | Supermint to direct InstaFund through a busy European calendar. “I believe we can grow and improve at every station in life. Although CS Velo only had 3 real weeks of a season this year, my experience with them charged my ambition to pursue my cycling dreams. I am excited to explore fantastic new heights with InstaFund Pro Cycling!” In describing his previous women’s squad, Hamilton added, “Sadly, Supermint was a team that ended before it reached its full potential. We made strong inroads into international racing, and I want to build on what we achieved by growing InstaFund into a World Tour contender”.

Founded in 2019 with a goal of elevating female riders to the pinnacle of the sport, InstaFund Pro Cycling has already made waves in women’s cycling. With InstaFund Financial’s long-term title sponsorship secured, racing in Europe became an open door and a necessary option. “At InstaFund we bring people together to achieve their financial goals. We want our cyclists’ European tour to showcase dedication and passion--to show that team-work can achieve great things when people work together,” says title sponsor president Adam Korbin. Hamilton says he’s delighted with InstaFund’s decision to go to Europe. “It’s one thing to look back at all the great things we achieved at Supermint, but it’s really fulfilling to be able to apply what I have learned from past experience and build toward the future with InstaFund”, he says.

Not only is Tad a proven director, but he understands the importance of women in sport. Says Korbin, “There’s never been a better time to sponsor women in cycling because the world needs to see women compete at the highest levels, and Tad is the best person to lead our InstaFund riders around the tight corners and bumpy cobbles of Europe.”

Hamilton says the team is planning to race as early as February next year. “Look out Europe, here we come!”.

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