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Ride With Us

Founded in 2019 InstaFund Racing set an ambitious goal,  show that a professional cycling team can have a carbon neutral footprint. We invite you to ride with us to a carbon neutral future.

How it works
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Video Courses

Cycling is a green form of transportation, however the sport of professional cycling is far from that. InstaFund Racing together with our innovative suppliers are on a mission to change that. Click the buttons below to learn more about the equipment the team is using, community partnerships, and what it really means to be a carbon positive cycling team.

What is carbon positive?

Reducing our environmental impact is more than just a mission.

“Of course winning races is the goal, but it's the chance to connect with local communities that create lasting memories”

Want to connect with the team in person? ​

We race internationally, and would love to meet you! 

InstaFund Racing is a women's UCI Continental team. The 9 riders race internationally, focusing on traditional road races, USA Crits, and Gravel races. 

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